Friday, January 4, 2008

I Like Neither Pina Coladas nor Getting Caught in the Rain

It's not often I regard my little cube prison / office as cozy, but days like this help. The weather seems to have decided to squeeze our five monthlong rainy season into one day today. I can stand at the window (during those few moments when I'm not working, working, working) and stare down at the poor schlubs struggling down Market Street against the sheets of rain and feel grateful for being here in my dry perch, especially since just moments ago I was one with them, wet and bedraggled. Of special charm is the fact that the intersection I look out at has a nifty trick draft that catches the unwary umbrella and inverts it as you come around the corner. Whoops! What fun! If only the vistim cursing and struggling with his now useless umbrella would look up, I'd be glad to wave. Cheerfully. It might make him feel better.


  1. It is your generous spirit for which I love you most.

  2. Umbrellas in Chicago are equally doomed. Their twisted spokes hang from many a public garbage can. The Windy City, indeed!

    Of course, I'll need no umbrellas in sunny Portland.


  3. Based on my recollections of living in Seattle, I'd say plan on creating a fabulous mantilla from saran wrap and just waterproof yourself that way.

  4. Just promise to post a photo of it on Fabulon!


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