Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Beefcake on Demand

In the previous post, our beloved joe*to*hell piteously whimpered that he would be happier if the boybutt was uncovered. I always try to be responsive to boybutt demands, and so I present said boybutt, Rafael Alencar, in all his glory:


  1. One could just lose oneself in that...

  2. It's kind of unfair really, for hot men to have that look on their faces in photos, because EVERYONE KNOWS hot men don't really want to have sex with you. They just want to glare at you in bars and laugh at you when you walk away.

  3. Why do I suddenly want an enchilada?

  4. oh wesley, I feel your pain. Go have an enchilada.

  5. So, Mr. Peenee please explain why he is laying completely on the bed. He seems to be having some difficulty in be "flat" on the bed.
    Could there be something there that keeps him from fully relaxing? Pray tell, what could it be?

  6. a belated thank you for the ass shot

    now to make me really happy, flip him over



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