Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Round of Tacos, Por Favor

Where do you go for lunch when it's grey, cold and blustery? If you're a simple little thing like me, you immediately start looking for Mexican food. Of course, I seek out taquerias when it's hot and sunny, too, and anything in between. I love Mexican food, it must be my Texas childhood rearing its ugly head once again. Other people may think of tomato soup and grilled cheese as comfort food, but give me enchiladas any day.

I lived in Seattle for a while in my youth and it was the lack of dishes served with salsa that eventually drove me away. A year without tacos was all I could take.

I should make clear that the San Francisco Mexican food scene is far from the paragon available in Houston, but I have become resigned to it, certainly it's better than what I had available to me in rainy Pacific Northwest, where I could have really used a chalupa or two. And I know there is plenty of misguided opinions against Tex-Mex cuisine. You know what I have to say to that? I say "Suck It Bitches." I'm going to go get another order of tortillas. Corn, not flour.


  1. Fortunately we've got a couple places to go these days when I'm feeling needy for tacos, but nothing like my hometown of San Bernadino, CA. There's mexican food EVERYWHERE in SoCal.

  2. p.s. Wesley loves you, and is gearing up for a comeback. More on that later.

  3. ohno, mrpeenee!

    there are some great little hole-in-the-wall places throughout the mission. how can you still be ambivalent about the mexican food in san francisco?

    hmm...have you tried other south of the border flavors from, say, venezuela, el salvador, nicaragua, brazil? or the latin carribean offerings from cha-cha-cha's?

    maybe we should do lunch sometime. ;-}

  4. oh and it's good to see wesley is still here.

  5. All I have to say about Wesley's return is "yay."

    Little joints in the Mission? Love 'em, my faves include La Cumbre on Valencia and La Corneta on Mission and 23rd. I also like Colibri on Geary near Union Square cause they make their own tortillas.

    That said, none of them are as good as what's available in Texas (sorry, it's true) or even southern California. It's the only thing Texas has going for it.

  6. It's got to be better than here.
    And Lord knows I love my Mexican (food).

    Best food I ever got was in San Antonio, I think.

    Though, thankfully it has gotten a bit better, due to the countless migrants around here, but it's still not Texas...well, yet

  7. Hey, Texas has me going for it too. I think I've been insulted. . . .

  8. Oh darling, let me clairfy: Mexican food is the only CULINARY thing Tejas has going for it. Oh, and Barbecue. And fried shrimp. And I like the beignets at that place in River Oaks.

    You, on the other hand, are unique.


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