Thursday, January 3, 2008

2007: A Date That Will Live in Suckiness

I got off BART this morning and there was a guy in the station who was doing something I'm sure the more charitable among us would characterize as "singing." Basically strumming the same chord and declaiming over and over and over "It's all gonna be all right." While I was not impressed by his technique, I had to admire the thought.

Let us not fool ourselves, this past year has been crappy. Oh sure, I got a very nice pair of scuffies for Christmas and I've made many new charming friends here in bloglandia (hey ya'll!), but aside from that, crappy.

So now it's over and much more than Happy New Year, I'm tempted to say Good Riddance to the old one. Don't let the door hit you on the ass, bitch. I read on another blog that odd numbered years are always bad and I'm willing to cling to that, the whole point of superstition being the illusion of control in a formless chaos.

So here's to our leapin' 2008. It's all gonna be all right.


  1. What's a scuffie?

    Is that a euphemism ('cause it sure ought to be)?

    Anyway, here's to an even year!

  2. My own experience of 2007 was more 'meh' than 'crappy', but I must say that 2008 has a much better feel to it already! But then I am an optimist by nature...

    Here's to a better 2008 for you and yours, honey.

  3. A scuffie is the fuzzy warm house shoe your granny would wear. They would go beautifully with an electric blanket.

    I, too, am an optimist, although I hide it well, and I still thought the year grated on my nerves. Just shows you.

  4. Darn, I was hoping it was something else.
    A pair would be nice.

  5. i'm sure that it will be a good thing to have that extra day this year to make up for at least one that might need to be a do-over.


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