Friday, January 25, 2008

Me, My Hat and I

Look, I understand to my friends in Chicago and Michigan and other unfortunate places like that, my claims that it's cold here might be met with a certain lack of enthusiasm. After all, they have to deal with blizzards and black ice and those snow angel things and glaciers and other frigid thingies. All right, all right, but a week of 40 degree weather and rain and I'M COLD, okay?

Which is why I've been considering wearing my liquor store hat. I know no one else calls them that, usually they're referred to as knit caps or watch caps. To me, they always represent the disguise thugs put on when they're preparing to knock over a liquor store. And it's better if you pronounce "liquor" the way we did in the south, "likkah." As in "I don't care what I look like, I'm gonna put on my Likkah Stoh hat."

R Man is much too sweet to actually forbid me doing anything, no matter how ridiculous, but he has made it clear that were he ever to put his foot down against something, liquor store hats would be way up on the list. And I have to say, his feelings are understandable. I'm tall and skinny with a long, thin face. Add in the cap and I look sort of like a project that hasn't been finished yet. Still, when I'm standing in the rain waiting for a bus, a liquor store cap sounds pretty enticing. How bad, I think, could I actually look? Has there ever been a train of reasoning along those lines that doesn't lead to tears? No. Still....


  1. How about a Likkah Stoh style
    nylon stocking on your head.

    I'm thinking of wearing one myself next week to class.

    It's chilly down here too.

  2. Fabulous. Stylish and slenderizing. Important for anyone with a fat head.

  3. It's not a matter of looking bad so much as looking crazy, in which case I don't think a hat is going to make much of a difference!

  4. I strive every day not to look crazy and it's just getting harder. A likkah stoh hat is the least of it.

  5. My favorite phrase today: "Chicago and Michigan and other unfortunate places like that."

    Did you wave your hand loftily when you wrote that?


    p.s. It snowed in Seattle the other day. 40 degrees would be a big improvement.

  6. I hope you also have gloves and a scarf. It's all about the accessories. . .


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