Friday, September 21, 2007


We're going to see Philip Glass perform next week, yay. I know in this blog stuffed full of cover versions of "I Will Survive," my passion for Glass may not be readily evident, but I find him ethereal and hypnotic, right up to the point where I find him irritating and crazy-making. But then, Gloria Gaynor has the same effect on me. Until I reach that point, though, I love him. My favorite soundtrack ever is the one he wrote and played for The Hours.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to it very much. The show is in Herbst, which is a lovely small theater and it's just Glass and a cellist performing. What's not to love?


  1. I used to have a roomate who was a composer who -used to force me into list-
    introduced me to him...uhh... all the time

  2. embrace the minimalism, that's what mrpeenee says.

  3. I love Philip Glass and his music. I've seen productions of his operas "Akhnaten" and "Galileo Galilee", and also saw him play some of his piano pieces for the Dalai Lama. Glass, particularly his operas, are a big inspiration for my own music. I know you will have a wonderful time!

  4. Sounds great seeing him perform with just a cellist like that. We're hoping to go see Satyagraha at the Met Opera this season. Mrs. Nator knows more about Glass, as she used to study music, but I'm looking forward to experiencing it.

  5. I'm just flat out jeolous. But I'm sure I'll hear all about it.

  6. I've been a nut for Glass ever since I read about "Einstein on the Beach" in Omni magazine in 1981 riding home from USC on the Greyhound.
    Enjoy the concert!
    I just got tickets for his San Diego engagement in November.

    Emma P.

  7. I'll report all about the show. Also, I just downloaded the soundtrack to Dracula he wrote and the Kronos Quartet performed. It's wonderful


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