Saturday, September 29, 2007

Glass Night

We went to see Philip Glass perform last night and, oh, my little chickens, it was wonderful. Everything I love about his music with none of the irritating droning monotony that can sometimes slip in. It was just him on piano, a great, great cellist named Wendy Sutter and quirky percussionist named Joe. His music is so hypnotic and fluid. I mentioned earlier, my favorite soundtrack is the one he did for The Hours and he played four pieces from his Metamorphoses which is what the soundtrack was based on. Dazzling.


  1. I'm so happy for you---how absolutely wonderful! The Hours soundtrack is one of my faves, too. The soundtrack I like best is Kundun, which has Tibetan elements added. I love it!

  2. He also played a long piece from Naqoyqatsi that was great. I'v enever heard Kundun. I'll go track it down now.

  3. No spitballs in a fussy pageboy hairdo this time?

    Somehow that might make a good short film, don't you think...
    in slow motion, scored by Glass?

  4. With the parts of mrpeenee played by Daniel Craig and Spitball Lady by Dame Edna. It certainly sounds like Oscarbait to me.

  5. Kundun is the Scorsese film about the Dalai Lama. It's a masterpiece, and one of my favorites. Just beautiful, and the Glass score is perfect. You can tell the entire project was a labor of love.


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