Sunday, September 16, 2007

Can't Stop The Music (trailer)

And people (mostly the gays) wonder what happened to the musical as a cinema form. Let this be your answer. Also, could Bruce Jenner look any more queer? The queen twirling flaming batons is butcher.


  1. I know they say that you CAN'T, but, if this is how music always looked, why would you even WANT to stop the music??

  2. "A special apprearance by The Ritchie Family?" No kidding.

    Why didn't I know this before?
    Maybe because I always stopped the music before it drove me insane.

  3. I, too , was struck by how the Ritchie Family is sneaking into blogs all over the place. Maybe it's their comeback.

  4. If the Ritchie Family were having a comeback, it would have to be in the blogosphere!

    Personally, I think we are all trend-setters, and if there is a Ritchie Revival, they will have us to thank!

  5. I thank thombeau for many, many things, the Ritchie Family Revivial the least among them.

  6. I love that movie. Bruce Jenner spends much of the movie complaining that Valerie Perrine's friends are "Too eccentric" (i.e. flamers) and yet he goes out on the town in cut off shorts and a...what, cut off shirt? Were travesties like that de rigeur in the 80's?

    Also, I heard a rumor that Olivia Newton John passed up Valerie Perrine's role for Xanadu. Damned if you do...

  7. Yes, everyone in the 80s was tricked out like this, one was mocked if one was not. Fortunately, that allows for things like Bruce Jenner looking like a gay for pay rentboy


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