Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fruit of the Vine

A show opening in mid-Ocotber at the LGBTQQTI ABDCEFG Center here.


  1. That looks like an actually interesting show. However, I must point out that I am outraged that you called it the LGBTQQTI ABDCEFG Center and clearly left out the ZR*^ community. Have you no sensitivity to the tragic plight of the ZR*^ folk who have suffered exclusion for decades! (wink wink, har, har)

  2. You must forgive me, my hand cramped up typing it out. I have arranged to attend ZR*^ sensitivity training.

    I actually prefer the term "deviant." So succint, so accurate. Right on, Deviant Pride.

  3. Deviant's good. I love being called a sodomite though.

  4. I promise to always call you sodomite. Soddy for short.


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