Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The San Francisco Wildlife Report

We live in Glen Canyon, a canyon that's almost exactly in the center of San Francisco, but because it's a big city park, has almost no development in it, aside from our street and one other way uphill from us. Consequently, we are surrounded by a subtantial amount of green open space, certainly compared to the rest of densely urban San Francisco. We live with hawks and skunks and possums, lots of feral cats
and now, coyotes.

This one, for instance in our neighbor's backyard this morning eating apples that had fallen from his tree. I took this picture from the window next to where I'm writing this.


  1. Very cool. I guess people have to be careful about their pets, but a little wildlife here and there is fun.

  2. Definitely. We were talking this morning after we saw the coyote about how there has been a marked decrease in the number of cats we see wandering through our yard.

  3. How cool!

    or as they say up in my paternal Northern LA,(and Texas too ?)Cigh-oats.

  4. Mercy. You didn't tell me I'd be heading into the wild west. And vegetarian coyotes at that. Must be my good influence arriving ahead of my actual self.

  5. I think I would rather have lorenzo lamas back there.

    Of course we pronounce it Cigh-oats. How else would one?

    And he is a biggish Cigh-oat, so I will let you discuss the vegetarian life style with him.

  6. We get opossums and raccoons in the Mission as well. Wild, wild town we live in.

  7. P.S. When I called animal control to help with my rac.coon invasion, they suggested that I call a trapper. I had trouble finding the Grizzly Adams of San Francisco

  8. He probably very popular during Folsom Street. They're welcome to him.

  9. Sweetie...keep your small animals inside, because the coyotes just love fluffy little things (cats,dogs, children) and the goddess knows what else might be swallowed nearly whole down those coyote gullets!

    Keep the faith darlin'!
    Den Den


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