Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Chipper: It Sounds so Gay

I’m just a simple girl; it takes so little to make me happy. Case in point - I spent Sunday whacking down the giant bushes that have taken over the back third of my yard (OK, OK so I planted them years ago. Who knew they would someday get so big they would scare small animals) and bemoaning the lack of chipper. A chipper is a device that chops up plant materiel into mulchy debris. Lust for one is a gardener thing, trust me. And now one pops up on Craigslist. Yay. I’m on my way over there tomorrow afternoon to seize it that I might cradle it to my bosom. Hopefully, by this time on Saturday, I’ll be ass deep in mulch.

I am seriously thrilled. And it took so very little. Yay.


  1. "whacking down the giant bushes"


    That sounds hot....somehow.

    (and hot too.)

  2. Does it make your nipples stiff? Oh, wait, that's the word "wiglet" that does that, isn't it?


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