Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Surf's Up

R Man and I are planning a trip to Honolulu in November for his birthday. He was born there, before it was a state, but his family moved on while he was a baby and he’s never been back. Have you seen pictures of Honolulu? It seems to be a small frumpy town of bland beige 70s towers squatting on a dazzlingly beautiful setting. So, I’ve been researching hotels there. While I expected the astronomical rates, I was unprepared for how ugly the rooms look.


  1. Wow!
    It's like Eastern Europe...but with pineapples!

    How cool!

  2. You know perfectly well "It's like Eastern Europe" is only good when applied to pornstars, not when we're talking decorating.

  3. Your description of it is one of many reason I have absolutely no reason to go there. Luckily I'm going to Barcelona at the same time. Spain vs. Hawaii is like the difference between caviar and honey-baked ham slathered in icky pineapple sauce. Viva espana!


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