Friday, September 28, 2007

The Mrpeenee Full Employment Programme

So, what, exactly is my job? I'm not asking you, I'm asking myself, although I'm sure you have some charming , charming ideas about my employment.
My job (which I love, by the way) comprises three main parts (not is comprised of)

I'm the media person for our office. I talk to the press, write press releases, create and edit marketing pieces for our programs. In general, the fast paced life of a Brenda Starr, Girl Reporter.

I organize the training program of classes for local entrepreneurs. I line up the presenters, schedule the seminars, handle the marketing for about 500 classes a year. It's like being the producer of lots of shows, but without theme songs.

I handle "marketing and outreach" for our office. Those of you involved in the world of schmooze will recognize that term of art; for those of you who have blessedly missed it, it means going to parties and making small talk about what my agency does. Frighteningly, I am quite good at it. Before I wound up in this job, I had no idea that was my real talent. I'm still not sure that's a good thing.

One of our resource partners had their big gala last night and I was hip deep in it. Business cards flying, air kisses, "darling, darling, darling...." I'm always able to refer small businesses I chat up to help they need; I have just enough gossip to entertain other people in the economic development field; I am charming without being gooey; I can, in short "work a room."

I would weep, but I have no tears. Besides, I like it better than being a waiter.


  1. Working a room is an art form, no doubt about it.

    That's not my forte, that's for sure.
    But I'm not surprised you're good at it.

    It's funny how the things you know or are already are more important that whatever you learn....
    (like how well my innate bitchiness serves me on a daily basis.)

  2. "innate bitchiness" Talk about an art form. I'm sure it's an absolute neccessity for you in keeping the sisters and your students in line.

  3. Sounds like a grown-up job without actually being a grown-up!


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