Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cyndi vs. Madonna: the Clash of the Titans

I was playing solitaire listening to the online radio when a newish mix for some Madonna thing caught my attention and I immediately had my usual conflicted, love/hate “That bitch” reaction to Madge. I know this is based on my outdated loyalty to Cyndi Lauper and harks back to the ferociously partisan arguments my friends and I had circa 1984 (or whenever it was. I’m too lazy to look it up. Suck off.) about how Madonna had ripped off Lauper’s schtick, but could never carry it off with the same joie de vivre. “Material Girl”? Pish. A feeble imitation of the whole She’s So Unusual album.

Still. Seeing poor little Brittney Spears go down in flames at the VMA is enough to remind me that I do like Madonna. I think the best thing the VMA has ever had was her Vogue in panniers. But Cyndi would have been even better.

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  1. They're both great, each in her own special way. Like fabulous apples and oranges...


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