Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Saturday in the Park without George

People from all over the world spend lavish amounts of their hard earned cash to come visit San Francisco and I wake up here every day. It's a wonderful life. An early life on the Gulf Coast taught me to treasure an environment where the temperature stays cool all the time. It's like living with outdoors air conditioning. And lots of cute poofter boys. Don't forget the cute poofter boys.

To show my appreciation, I decided to make a photo record of a typical fabulous Saturday. I packed up the camera, but kept forgetting to shoot. Still, here's:

Mrpeenee's Saturday Adventure

We went to breakfast at Chow down in the Castro because that's what we do pretty much every Saturday. We love it. I think urbanstreetpirate is concerned about our lack of variety, but then he's as willing to tuck into the banana cream pie there as I am.

R Man and I both get our haircuts form the same genius bitchy artist at Joe's Barbershop, on 19th Street, across from Spike's cafe. Jeff's prickly exterior hides his prickly interior, but we adore him and he's a great hair cutter.

The fabulous, fabulous Castro Street, locus of the dreams of queer boys all around the world was looking particularly tatty because the merchant association had arranged a sidewalk sale and everyone on the street had dragged out all the crap they couldn't otherwise move. At Cliff's Hardware, I snagged a giant glazed pot for the camellia on our patio. The camellia and I are both thrilled.

I finished up with a sweep through the thrift stores in the Mission. I recommend Community Thrift for all your stuffed rabbit shopping needs.

And should you be in the market for a boxed LP set of the wit and wisdom of Walter Cronkite, hotfoot it on over to Thrift Town on Mission at 17th.


  1. I love it!

    Is that you with the camera at the barber's?

    Thanks for this little peek into the daily life of the enigmatic Mr. Peenee.

  2. The photgrapher is the even more enigmatic R Man. I didn't even realize you could see him in the mirror when I posted the shot. He will be soooo annoyed.

  3. This was just cruel and unusual punishment for me. I hope you feel guilty. And I really hope you're willing to do it all again in two weeks.

  4. darling, you know I'm always prepared to brave these little sacrifices for you. Plus, don't forget the brand new, untried thrift store on Sixth Street I'm saving just for you.

  5. Oh my god, Cronkite and stuffed bunnies!?


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